What is Necom?

The NECOM (Neurodinámica Cognitiva y dels Transtorns Mentals) Consolidated Research Group is a platform for exchange of ideas and research for key teams interested in cognitive and pathologic neurodinamics research and clinical applications.

The NECOM Group is supported and recognized by the Generalitat de Catalunya (Grup de Recerca Consolidada de la Generalitat de Catalunya, SGR2005-00831) and is composed by the following teams:

  • Carles Grau Fonollosa (coordinator), Lluis Fuentemilla and Ariadna Jacomet from Neurodynamics Laboratory of the University of Barcelona
  • Antoni Rodríguez Fornells, Ruth de Diego, Toni Cunillera, Estela Cámara, Ana Mestres and David Cucurell from Grup de Ciències Cognitives of the University of Barcelona
  • Josep Maria Sopena and Elisabet Gilboy from Neural Network Signal Parsing of the University of Barcelona
  • Thomas F Münte and Josep Marco-Pallarés from Institut fuer Psychologie II of the University Otto von Guericke of Magdeburg
  • Xavier Rifà from Methodology of Behavioural Sciences Department of the University of Barcelona
  • Carlos Gómez from Unidad de Psicofisiología of the University of Sevilla
  • Rolando Grave de Peralta and Sara González-Andino from Brain Imaging Group
  • Antoni Gual from Servei d'Alcohologia of the Clinic Hospital of Barcelona
  • Jose Emilio Rojo and Oscar Pino from Schizophrenic Unity of the Granollers' Hospital
  • José Toro and Josefina Castro from Unitat de Psicopatologia Infantil i Juvenil of the Clinic Hospital of Barcelona
  • Manuel Valdés from Psiquiatria d'Enllaç of the Clinic Hospital of Barcelona
  • Giulio Ruffini from Starlab
The group is an inter-disciplinary team focusing on fundamental neuroscience, computational methods, clinical aspects and market awareness.

-> Dr. Carles Grau (carlesgrau at ub.edu, UB)
-> Dr. Antoni Rodríguez Fornells (antoni.rodriguez at icrea.es, ICREA)
-> Dr. Josep Marco (josepmarco at hotmail.com, Magdeburg)
-> Dr. Giulio Ruffini (giulio.ruffini at starlab.es, Starlab)


Seminar: Ultrafast EEG activities

20th September 2007. Seminar by Julià

Paper: Shibasaki H, Hallet M. What is the Berietschaftspotential? Clinical Neurophysiology. 2006. 117:2341-2356.

Location: Seminar of the Department of Basic Psychology of University of Barcelona

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